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July 24th, 2008

02:24 pm: toilet etiquette
i work with idiots who don't even notice when people puke all over the toilet and suck even worse when it comes to cleaning it up.  so glad to be back at work from my "weekend".

April 4th, 2007

03:08 pm: been awhile

i think i had just moved here last time i wrote in this bitch. lots has happened of course. whooped some ass, been whooped ass on, bought a gun or two, or three, went to jail, went off my meds, got a new place to work at, whooped some more ass. i've gotten along just fine with alot of people here in town but lately people that i have nothing to do with in the first place have been pulling shit that's hitting too close to home so i'm concentrating on getting out of debt for future ccw tryouts and more weapon purchases, till then i'll make due with what i got, working out and keepin on the lookout for dumb bitches to fight, and trying to clean the house on the off days. woot. oh and i'm tattooed more now, der.

October 7th, 2004

12:39 pm:

July 23rd, 2004

09:33 pm: damn lightening making my computer not work....
die zeus die!!

Current Music: legalize it - peter tosh

May 13th, 2004

01:03 pm:

April 2nd, 2004

03:11 am:

Current Music: asian dub foundation

March 29th, 2004

04:23 pm: work for my habits

bout to go to  my other new job at some high end restarauntay for orientation or some shit, weehaw.

my other other new job at Inspired by Ink

February 8th, 2004

02:55 pm: hello world
this is my first entry, hopefully i can put things up on here for sale later on when i feel like messing with this shit.

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